USB Sockets and Power Points in Wantage

USB Sockets

A USB plug socket serves a dual purpose, allowing you to charge a variety of portable devices, without taking up the space of a plug that might be used for something else. With the growing use of electronic devices, charging stations have become an all-important part of modern life. Between smartphones, tablets, portable power packs and the like, a family of four may have as many as eight or ten devices needing charge at the same time! It is important to choose the correct rating of a USB wall socket, to match the devices that you wish to connect. Otherwise, the device may not connect or charge properly. As your local electrician in Wantage, we can ensure you get the right parts for your needs.





Power Points

Many homes these days simply do not have enough power points. If you live in an older home, you will find that this is especially true, particularly in rooms such as the kitchen and lounge, which have many appliances dependent on electricity.

In addition, older homes often have only one socket per power point, limiting the number of appliances that can be plugged in at any time without the use of cumbersome, untidy extension cables.

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